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My name is Gosia and EverySlings is my third child.
Love for wraps appeared after the birth of my daughter. I treated them for a long time as a tool to facilitate our everyday functioning. We did not have to give up walking in the mountains, long walks on the beach, work and study. With time, love for fabrics, colors, textures and blends came. I was fascinated by the process of their creation. The thought of creating something of my own was born.
I want to show parents that you can do anything with your child! That is why my wraps are soft and easy to use. All of EverySlings’ wraps and carriers are made in Poland, respecting the environment and people's work. We do not use weaning yarns, because I'm close approach cruelty free. And the wrap is supposed to make life easier, so I say firmly NOPE to hand washing

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